Are you in with the ‘it’ web crowd?

Are you hanging out with the right people?

A bit like Dante’s circles of Hell there is a progression towards ‘in-ness’.

Level 1

Start using social media, join Facebook

Level 2

Join Twitter, set up a Linkedin profile, Slideshare presentation, Flickr account, Youtube.

Link some of aforementioned tools together with some whizzy technology

How about setting up your own blog?

Level 3

Someone else puts a link to your blog on their blog

You get a subscriber to your RSS feed

You get Retweeted

You become a follow Friday

You become a double follow Friday

Level 4

You get invited to the ‘right’ meetings

You even go to meetings outside work with other digital people, possibly at the weekend

You know a lot of ‘people’

Level 5

I am not at this level yet so I am guessing now

Get invited to speak at seminars

Invited to working groups

Draft importance guidance

Level 6

Get paid for doing stuff!

Get invited to an invitation only group

Level 7

Sit on a government working group



Google Adwords – update – I might be legal now, or not?

As I mentioned previously, for a bit of fun, I set up two Google Adwords campaigns for both my blogs to learn by doing.

Somewhat oddly I managed to get banned by Google on one of the campaigns for doing something naughtly but I still don’t know what. I only know via a mysterious Google email which did not specify the problem.

I suspected that it might be the Headup WordPress plug-in for semantic content as it created hovering clickable links to other sites? Since Headup has discontinued development I had to uninstall it anyway.

However I am not clear if I am banned and there is nothing I can see attached to the campaign and I have not received an email saying I have been unbanned.

All a bit of a mystery really.





Banned by Google…I am an Adwords outlaw

Blimey so now I have been banned by Google. Apparently somehow my very innocuous blog is violating one their policies so my Adwords account has been suspended. Bizarre is not the word to use.

‘Please note that when a site is found to be in violation of our Landing Page and Site Policies, the site is disabled within your AdWords account and respective ads are disapproved for “Site Policy”. Disabling is an action applied at the domain level, and it results in a low landing page quality score and termination of ad traffic. If multiple ad groups have landing pages with the same disabled domain, the keywords in those ad groups will have identical landing page quality scores as well.’

Really not sure what I could have done – the only thing that occurs now is the use of the Headup semantic web plug-in as it is a kind of pop up I suppose which might be seen as some kind of masking of content? No idea since Google don’t actually tell you what you have done wrong you have to read this list and work it out:

Below are the polices that are monitored via our landing page and site policies:

We need to break the ‘machine’

Its been said before (see David Pullinger’s excellent blog item) but we do need to break the dominance of propriety CMS’s – I quote myself here:

‘Its worth adding that whatever ‘the new system’ – if we need one – that we look must be something that breaks the current model, i.e. being tied to a ‘propriety’ CMS provider with long development cycles, who discontinue products at will, that any changes have to be actioned by an expensive ‘partner’.

Also we need an implementation model that is agile, build a bit get it working, build a new bit etc. A big bang approach has caused many of the current issues. 

In addition we need to reduce our overhead management costs – all the paperwork for implementation, upgrades, project plans, managing hosting etc. – there must a be a better way’.