Carry on camping: it’s networking.

I have written before in praise of Teacamp, Govcamp etc. 

A few colleagues have said what is all this ‘camp’ stuff which leads me to explain its orgins as the word Barcamp (as recent as 2005).

It is nothing to do with outdoor equipment and getting wet with midges, as a camping enthusiast colleague suggested.

Also its sadly nothing to do with Sid James and Carry on camping.

There are other variants since we have ‘brewcamp’ – going to the pub after Teacamp.

Last week I thought I might have just invented ‘pavementcamp’ after spending half an hour talking to someone on the pavement after Teacamp.

I was pleased to see that in Manchester they have a ‘cuppacamp’; and of course there is the excellent ‘MeasurementCamp‘ and the soon to be born Mailcamp.

There are many others and ‘a whole lot of camping going on’.

So what are the common features? Being sociable, sharing information, helping each other out, making new friends; very informal set up.

Sounds a bit like networking to me?

Well I don’t suppose networking sounds a cool as Teacamping though its is easier to explain to managers.

So I will stick to ‘camping’ and might use the rallying cry ‘carry on camping’?

I dont think ‘carry on networking’ really works.