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What happened at the first Public Sector API meetup?

On 30 April we held our first Public Sector API meetup at the National Audit Office.  We had about twenty people turn up from a wide variety of backgrounds.

A few people have asked what happened at the meetup? So I will highlight a few points here though I did miss a fair amount as I was letting people into the building.

We did discuss in passing how to keep in touch and share ideas so I have set up a Google group. There is already a discussion taking place about tools and techniques.

In addition we also thought it was worthwhile trying to crowdsource what public sector APIs exist. So we have started a list in a Github wiki. Feel free to chip in with any more public sector API that you are aware of.

We are hoping to link across to the wiki from the page on Government Digital Service Design Manual pages about API.

These are pretty positive outcomes so far but perhaps the biggest one it that there is a group of people with a common interest in APIs who are finding it a bit easier to find and talk to each other.

Oh and we did go to the pub…