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Is openess a movement as big as environmentalism?

I went to a fascinating event last night Open Knowledge London #oklondon at Newspeak House organised by Rufus Pollock.

If you are not familiar with Rufus he was the found force behind the Open Knowledge Foundation and a former member of the Transparency Strategy Board.

Rufus has stepped down from day to day involvement in the Foundation but is still keen to pursue the theme of openess.

His message for the evening was that many people are working on aspects of openess and the benefits that they bring such as a more healthy, more transparent, more accountable society. However often such groups do not see themeselves as part of a wider movement based around opening up information/knowledge.

There is the work around opendata; or open access journals; openess around medical trials; opening up information in museums. There are many other examples.

A number of speakers, all who were fascinating, showed some of the variety of openess projects that exist already. This was to reinforce the argument that openess could and should be a movement as big as environmentalism.

In short we should all stand together around the banner of openess.

Want to know more or be involved? Contact Rufus @rufuspollock or come along to the next meeting on 13 April at Newspeak House.