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Why you should talk to angry people

I said to someone a while ago, as I raised my voice, ‘I don’t normally get angry’ which caused a lot of amusement to the person standing next to me.

Actually I get angry all the time usually when I am trying to book something online or buy a ticket because of a clunky system or being forced to register or provide date of birth. I could quickly list here the organisations that make me most angry. I won’t as that’s not fair.

However it did make me think a bit more about angry people and why they are valuable and should not be avoided.

Angry people care. They might sometimes care about the wrong think but at least they care.

Have a quick think about the people you know who strike you as being angry, it could be friends or people you work with. Now have a think about what they care about.

It could be, as I saw at the weekend, angry Arsenal supporters as they got beaten by Watford. Or it could be poor customer service. A rubbish website. Money being wasted gold plating a service; or providing a service no one uses. Building something without user testing.

Now I am not saying we should all be like David Banner and turn into the Incredible Hulk. However being angry might not be a bad thing and more particulary perhaps we should seek out the angry people? They care and probably have some ideas about how to fix what annoys them.

So switch on your ‘angry radar’ and see what you can make better.

How our website user survey works

I mentioned in a previous post that we were planning to install a user survey on the NAO website. As the survey has been live for few days it is worth saying how it works

We are using SurveyMonkey which is activated for 1 in 20 visitors. We will review the frequency of this depending on the response rate and any user feedback. Current completion rate would mean that there would be about 2,500 responses in a year which should create a nice sample size.

The idea is to have the survey run permanently as it will allow monthly analysis. Also it gets round the old problem of saying lets run a survey in x month and then spending weeks getting it up and running.

We have tried to focus on questions which will provide a consistent benchmark of feedback over time but also helps us check that we are providing the right kind of services.

So we have started off by asking what category of user people are to understand the profile of visitors and why they came to the site.

SM users


SM info


SM find


We also wanted to check if we are providing the right type of content formats.

SM content


Finally what is the level of satisfaction.

SM satis


So we hope that without overburdening our users we have a realistic feel for what they need, in what format and if they are happy or not.

Job done.