Vanity thy name is publisher

Has anyone ever fixed the problem of vanity publishing?

I have come up with a couple of ideas.

There are some fairly obvious ones such as asking:

  • what are your success criteria?
  • how are you benchmarking?
  • what comms objective are you meeting?
  • what’s the business case?

Of course this does not tend to help with people who have got it fixed in their head that they must have an X or a Y.

There is another more punitive approach which I call the Refund response.

So you spend a lot of time building something which it turns out hardly ever gets used. What do you do? Ask for a refund.

How does that work?

I think as follows — work out how much time was spent on the project. Say a week or two weeks. Go back to the commissioner and say ‘ok we need that time back so we cannot do any more work for you for the next two weeks as we need a refund on the time we spent on your last project’.

I am looking forward to pilotting this very soon. Enough said.

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