Who do I support and why?

In my own extremely modest way I give little bits of money regularly to a few organisations that I think are important – this is separate from one-off more spontaneous donations.

It’s an interesting illustration of where I am willing to put my money which might encourage a few others to chip in as well – maybe as your New Year’s resolution?

So in no particular order the list is:

The Open Knowledge Foundation – I have done this for a number of years to help run their servers once I realised the importance of their work.

Wikimedia Foundation – roughly for 18 months or so. Well I do use their site a lot.

The Open Rights Group – I have been a member for several years because I am interested in privacy, net neutrality and other issues.

Today I have just started giving money to Mozilla who create and run Firefox. I have used Firefox for such a long time it seemed worth helping out and made me think of creating this list.

I also give to Shelter who probably need no introduction but do great work providing help to the homeless.

The Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture was founded by the late Helen Bamber who was one of the first people into Belsen concentration camp as a very young nurse. Hearing her speak about this many years ago make me want to support their great work with truamatised victims.

Finally Medecins Sans Frontieres who I came across by my love of France as they were founded by Bernard Kouchner in 1971 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. MSF are totally independent and have no religious, political or economic ties. They are often the first into regions in crisis and the last to leave. Their doctors and nurses often put their lives at risk.

So that is my list. It’s not quite Bill Gates but every little helps…

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